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November 21, 2017

SAMPLE ANSWER đề speaking Part 2 Thi ngày 11/11/2017 tại BC

Describe a journey you had by car


* Preparation (1 minute)

What? A car trip I took

Where? To Can Gio, a coastal suburban district

When? Early last month

With whom? My cousin's family

How? We felt interested


  •       the kids: talkative & inquisitive => fun
  •       the sand: black & dirty-looking but probably good for the skin
  •        visit to the monkey island: we learned fascinating lessons about animal behaviour



OK... Let me share a story about a car trip I took not so long ago. It was ... as I remember ... at the beginning of last month.

You know, there was a one-day public holiday last month. It was kind of too short, so it was not possible to travel too far. As my cousin's family was planning to go to Can Gio, a coastal suburban district of this city ... and as I didn't have any plan in advance, I decided to go with them.

That day my cousin picked me up at about 5 o' clock in the morning. We were a group of five: my cousin, his wife, his two sons, and me. Can Gio is approximately 50 kilometers far from my home, but it took us more than 4 hours to get there because of some traffic congestion on the way.

Luckily, the two kids, aged 9 and 11, were really talkative and inquisitive... and they created a lot of fun in the car.

When we got to Can Gio, we had a chance to swim in the sea where the sand is kind of weird. It's black and looks somewhat dirty, but ... according to local people there, it's really good for the skin. In addition, we had a wonderful time to relax laughing happily when visiting the little monkey island where my nephews were able to learn about monkey behaviour in nature. One monkey stole my nephews' hats so quickly that they didn't realize what was going on until it was too late. My nephews also had an opportunity to witness bullying among the monkeys. When my nephews gave a little monkey some bananas, all of a sudden a big monkey rushed to it, slapped its face, and took all the bananas from its hands.

So ... we found the car journey really interesting. We had a day off having fun with the kids, enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature ... and learning some fascinating lessons about animal behaviour. Well... that's it. Thank you.


*Some vocab items

  • coastal suburban district: a district in the suburbs along the coast [huyện duyên hải]
  • in advance: beforehand [(có từ) trước]
  • traffic congestion: traffic jams/delay [ùn tắc giao thông]
  • inquisitive: curious [tò mò / hiếu kỳ]
  • weird: strange/bizarre/odd [kỳ (kỳ/cục/quặc/quái)]
  • to witness: see [chứng kiến]
  • bullying: sự bắt nạt / sự ăn hiếp
  • all of a sudden: suddenly [bất thình lình]

*Some structures

  • it was kind of short: it was sort of short [hơi bị ngắn] Note: Đây là 1 trong những đặc trưng của phong cách khẩu ngữ.
  • a group of five: a group of five people [một nhóm 5 người]
  • a mother of three: a mother with three children [một người mẹ 3 con]
  • when we got to X: when we arrived in/at X [khi chúng tôi đến X]
  • to relax laughing happily: to relax and laugh happily (simultaneously) [vừa thư giãn vừa cười đùa vui vẻ]
  • to find X interesting: to consider X (to be) interesting [(nhận/cảm) thấy X rất thú vị]

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