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July 25, 2017

Sample answer IELTS Speaking Part 2 - Kì thi 20/07/2017

Describe a job you think you would be good at in the future.

* Preparation (1 minute)


   White-collar worker => accountant


   In an office / accounting department / finance department


   With other staff in a multinational corporation in this city


   In the near future


      + be good at maths

      + love accounting

      + originally wanted to set up my own company

      + family difficulties over the past 2 years

      + currently attending a course in accounting

OK... To tell the truth, there are many jobs we can do, or should do. But as far as I'm concerned... one of the best jobs for me is, you know, working as a white-collar worker. That is a clerical worker. Specifically speaking, I think I would work really well as an accountant.

Do you know why? I'm good at mathematics, I love accounting and I'm currently attending a short-term course in accounting. Actually, I graduated from university last month and my major was business administration, which is not accounting but closely related to accounting. Four years ago, I chose business administration because my parents had promised me that they would give me enough funding to set up my own company. However, two years ago, my father got cancer... you know, terminal cancer... and my family went bankrupt because of all the medical fees needed to take care of my father. You know, in the Vietnamese culture, taking good care of a seriously ill family member is very important. It's not only a matter of love but also because of the sense of responsibility. You need to try until the very last minute... Actually, my family is in debt now, but... luckily, I have overcome most of the difficulties and here I am today trying to conquer the IELTS barrier to get a score high enough to apply for a high-paying job in a multinational corporation here in this city. So that's why I now want to work in the field of accounting and I think I'm going to make it. I feel confident that I'm going to be a second-to-none accountant. That's it. Thank you.

*Some vocab items

▪a white-collar worker: nhân viên văn phòng [ = a clerical worker]

▪to set up a company: lập công ty [ = to establish/found a company]

▪terminal cancer: ung thư giai đoạn cuối

▪to go bankrupt: phá sản [ = to go broke]

▪medical fees: tiền thuốc men & chữa trị [ = heath-care fees]

▪a/the sense of responsibility: ý thức trách nhiệm

▪to try until the (very) last minute: cố gắng đến tận phút cuối

▪to be in debt: mắc nợ [ = to owe some money to someone]

▪to conquer X: chinh phục X [ = to deal with X successfully]

▪a high-paying job: 1 việc lương cao [ = a well-paid job]

▪a multinational corporation: 1 công ty / tập đoàn đa quốc gia

▪to make it: thành công [ = to succeed]

▪second-to-none: số một / xuất sắc [ = excellent / unequalled / unparalleled / unrivalled]

*Some structures

▪To tell the truth, ...: thật tình mà nói [ = to be honest / honestly speaking / frankly speaking / truthfully speaking]

▪One of the best jobs for me is working as/in ...: 1 trong những việc tốt nhất cho tôi là làm (nghề) ...

working as a secretary (làm thư ký)

working as a receptionist (làm lễ tân)

working as a tour guide (làm hướng dẫn viên du lịch)

working as a graphic designer (làm thiết kế đồ họa)

working as a chef (làm đầu bếp)

working in hospitality (làm trong lĩnh vực nhà hàng khách sạn)

▪to work as an accountant: làm nghề kế toán [ = to work in accounting / to work in the field of accounting]

▪Specifically speaking, ...: nói (1 cách) cụ thể [ = specifically / to be specific / in particular / to be concrete / concretely]

▪to be very good at X: giỏi (về) X

[ = to do X very well / to perform very well in X / to excel in X]

▪X is closely related to Y: X có liên quan mật thiết với Y [ = X is closely associated with Y / X is closely linked to Y / X is closely connected with Y]


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