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February 28, 2017

Trả lời mẫu - Describe something you bought but rarely use!

Describe something you bought but rarely use

What it was
When you bought it
Where you bought it
Why you bought but rarely use it

I would like to talk about a polaroid camera that i bought 2 years ago. Before i go into details about when, where and why i bought it, i would like to give you some facts about polaroid cameras. Polaroid cameras let you print out your photos immediately after taking a shot. Technically speaking, we don’t have to go to the photography shops to get the photos printed. Due to that feature, a lot of people want to own one of those polaroid cameras. I guess it somehow gives peoples a feeling of the past by having those physical photos in their hands. To be honest, i’m also a fan of vintage items so it is the main reason behind my decision to buy the camera.

It was when my 18th birthday was just around the corner that I decided to buy it with the saving money that i had had for a few months. As a matter of fact, that type of camera isn’t popular with many people so there aren’t many shops that sell polaroid cameras here in Vietnam. Even if they did, i’m afraid they would be a lot more expensive. So i decided to get it online via eBay shipped all the way from the US.

I was extremely excited when i first received the package via post. I still remember how fascinating it was to test it out for the first time. The most interesting part was to wait for the colour to gradually come out on the film after i had captured the photo. I used to use it quite often back then but then, since the film strip was very expensive, i could not manage to keep up with the cost. So i believe that it was one of the main reasons I stopped using frequently. I had other things I wanted to do with my savings as well so i had to regrettably put the camera away and occasionally use it nowadays.

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