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June 12, 2017

Bài viết chi tiết cho đề thi Task 2_08/06/2017

Đề thi IELTS Writing 8/6/2017

Task 2: Some people say that it is possible for a county to be  both economically successful and have a clean environment. Others, however, disagree with this opinion. Discuss both view and give your opinion.

*Phân tích đề nhanh (1 phút)

Dạng đề: discussion

View 1: 1 quốc gia có thể vừa thành công về kinh tế vừa đảm bảo môi trường sạch

View 2: bất đồng với view 1

Quyết định nhanh: ủng hộ view 1

Bài viết:

When it comes to a nation's possibility to succeed in both economic and environmental terms, this probability is questionable, leading to a debate between those who believe in it and those who are sceptical. Truth be told, I find this double success possible rather than impossible.

On the one hand, a number of people think that it is improbable. They might be right, especially upon considering such countries as China, which is famous for being extremely economically successful but which fails to be environmentally friendly. China is a striking example of a nation focusing too much on economic development with environmental consequences coming at a price, thus facing one of the most dangerously high levels of air pollution in the world. Therefore, China seems to be making efforts to become a "green" country by "exporting" its polluting technologies to other nations.

On the other hand, I am more supportive of the view that this condition is actually possible. The point here is not that it is universally feasible but rather that it is viable in certain countries. Examples like China do not mean that no nations have ever succeeded. This has been proven in several countries of great success, including Switzerland and Singapore, to name but a few. It is indisputably clear that they are prosperous and possess a world-acclaimed clean environment. They are capable of having achieved what many other nations can only dream of.

In conclusion, it remains debatable as to whether it is likely or unlikely to gain national success both economically and environmentally, but my firm belief is that this is not the so-called "mission impossible".

(270 words)

*Some vocab items:

▪Probability: khả năng (xảy ra) / xác suất ( = possibility)

▪To believe X: tin (lời) X

▪To believe in X: tin (là có X / vào sự tồn tại của X) / tin tưởng X

▪Sceptical: đa nghi, nghi ngờ ( = skeptical/doubtful)

▪Environmentally friendly: thân thiện với môi trường ( = environment-friendly)

▪A striking example: một thí dụ điển hình ( = a typical example)

▪To face X: đối mặt với X ( = to be faced with X / to encounter X / to experience X)

▪Universally: phổ quát / trên toàn thế giới ( = internationally/globally/worldwide)

▪Feasible: (có tính) khả thi ( = viable)

▪... to name but a few: xin đơn cử / đưa ra vài trường hợp làm thí dụ

▪Prosperous: thịnh vượng ( = financially successful)

▪To possess: sở hữu ( = to own / to have / to boast)

▪World-acclaimed: được ngợi khen trên khắp thế giới ( = universally acclaimed / internationally recognized)

▪The so-called X: cái gọi là X


*Some structures:

▪When it comes to X: khi ta xem xét X (considering X / upon considering X / when we consider X / when we take X into consideration / when we take X into account)

▪To succeed in economic/environmental/commercial/financial/cultural/educational terms: thành công về phương diện kinh tế / môi trường / thương mại / tài chánh / văn hóa / giáo dục ( = to succeed economically/environmentally/commercially/financially/culturally/educationally)

▪ X is questionable: X gây nghi ngờ / là một dấu hỏi ( = X is doubtful / X causes doubt)

▪X is Y, leading to Z: X là Y, dẫn đến Z ( = X is Y and leads to Z)

▪Truth be told: thật tình mà nói ( = to be honest / honestly speaking / frankly speaking / to tell the truth)

▪To find X possible: nhận thấy X là khả dĩ thực hiện được ( = to consider X to be possible)

▪To be in favour of X: ủng hộ X hơn ( = to be more supportive of X)

▪The point here is not that ... but rather that ... : vấn đề (ở đây) không phải là ... mà là ...

▪This has been proven/proved in ... : điều này đã được minh chứng ở ...

▪X of great success: X rất thành công ( = very successful X)

    Note: sắc thái phong cách

A lady of great beauty: một phụ nữ diễm lệ / đẹp nghiêng nước nghiêng thành

A very beautiful lady: một phụ nữ rất xinh đẹp

▪To be capable of doing X: có thể thực hiện X ( = to be able to do X)

▪To gain success both economically and environmentally: thành công về cả 2 phương diện kinh tế & môi trường ( = to gain both economical and environmental success / to be both economically and environmentally successful)

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